Edukacije visokog standarda u oblasti fizikalne medicine i rehabilitacije



Course Objectives


1 .To develop a greater understanding of the common hip and groin injuries that can present in clinic and to improve subjective questioning skills to identify these conditions.

  1. To simplify the physical examination of commonly seen hip and groin issues that we come across in clinic day to day.
  2. To debunk any of the myths and mis-information out there when it comes to assessing and treating individuals with hip pain.
  3. To link any of the taught learning from the course to real life case studies and incorporating evidence based treatment approaches.
  4. To enhance and develop exercise rehab prescriptions skills for commonly seen hip and groin injuries.



Course Content





​Anatomy recap

Clinical reasoning and pattern Recognition

Clinical conversation for hip assessment



Red flags and masqueraders

​FAI Syndrome – Assessment and rehab principles

Labral tears – Assessment and rehab principles

Hip Dysplasia – Assessment and rehab principles

Case Studies Practical




Hip OA – Assessment and rehab principles

Young Adult Hip replacements and rehab

Femoral Neck fractures – Assessment and rehab principles




Case Studies and Practical

Day 1 recap





Quiz from Day 1 content

Case Study recap from day 1 content

Managing the difficult patients – The role of BPS model

Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome – Assessment Principles & Rehab


Deep Gluteal Pain Syndrome – Assessment and rehab principles

​Ischiofemoral Impingement- – Assessment and rehab principles

Case Studies Practical




Adductor Related Groin Pain – Assessment and rehab principles

Iliopsoas Related Groin pain – – Assessment and rehab principles

Inguinal Related Groin pain – Assessment and rehab principles

Pubic Related Groin pain – – Assessment and rehab principles


Case Studies Practical


Course recap





Mehmet started his higher education journey at the University of Hertfordshire where he

received a BSc (hons) in Sport and Exercise Science. He shortly after went on to complete a

pre-reg MSc at the University of Essex and has since completed his PGDip in Advanced

Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy from the University of Hertfordshire.

Mehmet initially started his career working in football and rugby throughout Essex and

Suffolk, predominantly with young elite athletes and also within womens rugby.

Over the last eleven years Mehmet has specialised in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, whilst

specifically developing his specialist interest in Hip & Groin injuries over the last 8 years.


Alongside his role as Regional FCP Lead for Pure Physiotherapy, Mehmet has his own private

hip consultancy clinic where he sees patients both locally to Devon and also with Zoom

consultations for patients who are based all around the world.  In addition to his clinical

role, Mehmet has his own CPD course called 'Simplifying The Hip' whichh he teaches to

healthcare professionals all around the world.

Mehmet has a strong belief in using evidence based practice to direct his treatment

approaches and feels that empowering patients with the tools to prevent injuries from

reoccurring is imperative.